No One Would Give This Stray With The Strange Eyes A Second Chance, Until…

If there is one big positive to come out of the often-criticized clique known as social media, it’s the alerting of likeminded individuals to the fate of those people, places, and things they are most interested in. Put another way, a sad stray animal in need to medical care or a forever home is likely to find both within a few minutes of a Facebook post or informative tweet.

Oomi Was One Of These Rescues



Her Story Moved One Woman To Adopt Her



Not every one of these stories can have a happy ending, but when you consider the alternative, the idea of NOT advertising the plight of these poor pathetic creatures to the rest of the world, it’s better to try than to not. And in many cases, there is someone special who will step up and do the right thing, putting their faith in people vs. vets or overworked government bureaucrats.

Doctors Agreed Her Eyes Could Not Be Saved



Few gave little Oomi a chance. She was a four-week-old kitten with badly infected eyes. They were so bad that they bulged out, giving her a kind of “frog” appearance. Few wanted to deal with her, but Cerena, a woman at the NYC ASPCA where Oomi was located agreed to foster her. After only one night, he mind was made up.

She Needed Emergency Surgery To Remove Them



She’s All Better Now



What Did Cerena Do? Continue On The Find Out