Not Even A Tragic Disfiguring Accident Could Change His Devoted Love For Her

When Jai and Sunitha met in school early on, they both felt an incredible connection to each other. But as time went on and the two went their separate ways, they never stopped thinking about each other.

Jai And Sunitha Originally Met In School

A few years later, Sunitha wanted to reconnect with Jai so she reached out by telephone to wish him a happy birthday. Their friendship blossomed once again and Jai knew he was falling for Sunitha hard and had to find a way to tell her.

Sunitha Survived A Horrific Car Crash That Mutilated Her Face


Then tragedy struck and Sunitha was involved in a horrific car crash that destroyed her face after being dragged on the cement. Jai rushed to her side the moment he heard the news.

Jai Knew In His Heart That He Loved Sunitha And Wanted To Marry Her


Sunitha could tell by his expression how devastated he was by her injuries and her heart broke. After 10 surgeries, Sunitha remained strong. Jai proposed to her once already but she didn’t want a proposal because he felt sorry for her, so she declined.

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