Lost Sunken GoPro Discovered A Year Later By Good Samaritan

When snorkeler Chris Flores discovered a few lost treasures at the bottom of the Temperance River in Minnesota one summer day, he never imagined how much it would impact his life. After he and his brother decided to split the found objects – a skateboard, some jewelry, and a GoPro camera – Chris had his brother to thank for finding the camera.

Chris Flores And His Family

Initially, he didn’t think much of the plastic encased GoPro; however once he plugged it in at home he was startled to discover it actually worked. Inside of the waterproofed case was a media card that contained several family movies, SWAT team training drills and various photos.

Kyle Puelston Had Been At Temperance River A Year Earlier With His Family

The family photos spoke to his heart because his four-month-old daughter had recently suffered a health crisis. A large tumor in her chest had caused her to have a heart attack, something that made him recognize just how precious life is.

Both Families Have Similar Core Values

He was determined to find the owner of the camera, especially after seeing images of the man’s family. After careful inspection of the SWAT team training videos, Chris was able to determine the man in the drills worked for the Chisago County Sheriff’s Department and reached out.

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