Supermom Performs CPR On Drowned Toddler And Brings Him Back To Life

After mom of three Darci Dawson saw 18-month-old Kaden Sluggett floating down the stream during a family outing, she didn’t think twice about what she needed to do. The little boy had fallen unconscious and was face down under the water. As his tiny, lifeless body drifted past her, Darci sprang into action to save his life.

Jessica, Kaden And Darci


His mother Jessica was frantically searching for her lost son after he wandered off from his family.

Darci scooped the child from the water and began to perform CPR on him after sending her children to call 911. Because their family cabin was in a remote location, the 911 operator suggested they get into their car and drive with the boy to a more central area where the ambulance could find them.

The Supermom Was Later Honored By The Coast Guard For Her Heroism


After performing CPR on Caden in the car for 15 minutes, Darci was finally able to get his heart beating again. Five minutes after that, he began to breathe again. At that point, they were able to locate the ambulance on the freeway and he was eventually airlifted to the closest hospital.

Her Family Is Incredibly Proud Of Her


Darci’s children thought she deserved the title of “Supermom” on Steve Harvey’s talk show, so they made a video and submitted it in hopes she would win. Jace and Darci later appeared on Steve’s show and she told the harrowing tale of how she came to save the toddler’s life.

Jessica also made an appearance with her son Kaden, who has since made a full recovery. Darci was later honored by the the US Coast Guard for her heroism. What an incredible supermom Darci truly is!

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