Body-Shamed Mom Lets Her Haters Know She Doesn’t Care What They Think About Her Leggings…

Back in the day it was known as mocking, or criticizing, or just plain making fun of somebody. Now we have a new term for it all – shaming. You can’t refer to someone’s gender, someone’s ability or disability, or more often than not, the way someone looks. The term is meant to empower those who find themselves in the crosshairs of someone’s petty comments. But sometimes the act of shaming can backfire.

This Is Kelley Markland



And According To Social Media, This Was Her Crime



Not everyone is in “normal. This means that most people find themselves the target of cruelty without ever understanding why they’re being subjected to it. On the other hand there are many people who know why they are being shamed and for many it takes an act of courage (or someone else’s act of courage) to get the point across.

Someone Even Wrote Her This Hate Mail For It



Teacher Kelley Markland has known shaming her entire life. It is not hard to understand why. Her entire life she felt like an outsider because of her weight. Even when she did something as ordinary as wear a pair of leggings, she has been exposed to extreme reactions and horrible criticism. Even now, in her 30s, something happened which reminded her of such a horrible past. And yet in the end it was an act of courage that proved to be the empowerment she needed.

She Needed Help To Cope



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