Teen Dies After Prom, But What Friends Do With Her Dress Is Mind-Blowing

Like most sixteen-year-old girls, Catherine Malatesta had dreams of attending her prom. But after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer less than a year earlier, those dreams were quickly fading. And although she had become very weak during her treatments, she was absolutely overjoyed when she was released from the hospital the day before the big dance.

Wearing a midnight blue sparkly gown with her blonde hair styled in a sophisticated braided updo, Catherine attended the glittery event with prom date, Peter Clifford.

Her mother Jennifer Goodwin told Today: ‘Mom, for the first time in a long time, I actually feel beautiful.’ It was such a lovely moment and I was so happy that she felt like that for one day. It was a special, special night for all of us.”

But things took a turn for the worse when Catherine was readmitted to the hospital several days after the prom.

Catherine, 16, Was Diagnosed With Stage IV Cancer


After Battling The Disease Less Than A Year, She Made It Her Goal To Attend Her Prom


 Her Wish Came True And She Felt Beautiful


Catherine In Happier Times With Her Parents, Two Brothers And The Family Dog


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