This Family Was Frightened By The Stranger On The Porch Until They Saw This

It’s one of the favorite “what if?” games that people like to play. Along with more morbid versions dealing with life and death, the classic question is usually something like this – what would you do if you found a wallet full of money? Would you keep it? Return it? Make note of where you saw it last and just continue on? Part of the inquiry typically revolves around amounts. What if it was only $10? $100? Or what if it was $1000 or more?

A Lost Wallet


Sure, there’s the right thing to do, but some people can’t supplant morality for monetary need. Something like $1,500 could pay rents, bills, and make life a bit easier for everyone. On the other hand, what about the person who lost it? Don’t they need it just as badly? Do you honestly believe they tossed their personal belongings on the street and don’t care about what happened to them? It’s quite the dilemma.

What Would You Do With It?


So when Tyler Opdyke showed up at the home of Melissa Vang and her family, she was very wary indeed. She had taught her kids not to open the door for strangers and when the kids saw the boy on their property, they freaked out. Mom wanted nothing to do with him either, that is, until she checked the security camera. What she saw made her change her mind almost immediately.

One Teen Did This


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