After Her Son Died Tragically, This Mother Is Warning Families About Allergic Reactions

Do you have allergies? Do you know someone who does? Do you know what happens when their reaction takes over? A bit of sneezing? A huge welt where the insect bite used to be? An inability to breathe, like asthma, or is it something much, much worse? Turns out, it doesn’t really matter. Any response to an allergen can be deadly, as one mother learned recently.

This Is Oakley Debbs With His Mom, Dad, And Sister



This Was One Beloved Little Boy



Merrill Debbs son Oakley was a spry and mischievous 11-year-old who had a nut allergy. He had asthma, but the doctors informed the family that his reaction to anything source would be “minor.” Over Thanksgiving, the boy ate a piece of pound cake and everyone assumed he would be fine. Turns out, they were wrong – both about the dessert and the child’s reaction.

As He Grew, He Became Even More Active



It turns out the cake had some walnuts in it, but Oakley seemed to react just fine. After a tiny blister formed on the boy’s lip, his mother gave him a dose of Benadryl. Voila – issue solved…at least for the time being. Then something more serious happened. Oakley reacted in an unusual way, and it had his mother on the phone to 911 immediately.

It Looked Like Nothing Could Slow Him Down






What Happened? Continue On To Find Out

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