These Proud Parents Are Bringing Home A Bundle Of Joy – From Somewhere Far, Far Away

It’s supposed to be part of the normal day-to-day activities of a human being. After birth, a stint at school, and partnering with the right Mr. or Mrs., it’s time to continue the species and have a baby. It’s all about the white picket fence, the career path toward retirement, and the nuclear family. But for many couples out there, biology can be baffling. Even without medical confirmation of the fact, some can’t get pregnant. In other instances, the possibility of having a child is actually a health issue. For those who can accommodate the red tape and bureaucracy, there’s adoption, but even then, some must head overseas to find their forever addition.

For the couple in the video included here, there was seven-and-a-half years of heartache and frustration. They wanted a baby, badly, but obstacles kept coming up in their way. Finally, they found an orphaned little girl in China, and naming her “Delaney,” they decided to put their struggles (and hopeful successes) on video. The mom kept the child close to her heart, wearing a locket with the adorable little girl’s face on it. As for the miracle several thousand miles away, the wannabe mom and dad sent  pillow with their image on it. This way, Delaney could get used to them, the soft and comforting item always with her in her bed.

Seeing Their Child For The First Time


Meeting Mom And Dad


Mother And Daughter Together


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