This Heartfelt Love Letter From A Suave Fifth Grader To His Girlfriend Is Total #RelationshipGoals

These two lovebirds have been “dating” for about a year now. They attend each other’s softball/baseball and soccer games, share family dinners, and just enjoy each other’s company. Their grade school affair began when Cole admitted to “having a little crush” on his now girlfriend, Sherri and they have been inseparable ever since.

Cole admits that he is fond of Sherri because she is funny and he loves that she plays sports just like he does. They have a lot in common and their innocent bond is just too true to ignore. Cole and Sherri are basically best friends that have love for each other and it’s absolutely the stuff that dreams are made of!

They Bring Out The Best In Each Other!

Like we mentioned before, these two young loves mostly just attend each other’s games and such so when Cole learned that his lady friend would not be able to play for a while he was upset and concerned for Sherri. Cole was at Sherri’s game and saw the play in which she tore her ACL. As a caring friend and boyfriend he knew he had to send his babe some healing words and let her know that she would be missed on the field while she was stuck on the bench.

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