This Little Baby Has The Strangest Reaction To His Mother’s Impression Of His Favorite Animal And It’s Too Cute To Miss!

Kids are just the best. They are so unpredictable and silly at times that you can’t help but to fall in love with their joyful innocence at the drop of a dime.

This little guy is clearly the sight of his loving mother’s eye. Here she caught him on cam as she mimicked his favorite animal friend. The little guy seems to like dinosaurs a whole lot, yet might be either terrified or disappointed with his mother’s impression.

Every time she says “Rawr”, this bouncing baby boy gets in his feels! It’s the craziest thing. One minute he is smiling at the sight of T-Rex and the next, his lips are quivering, on the verge of a full-blown breakdown!

His Feelings Are Mixed At First But Wait For It….

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It’s As If He Saw The Real Thing!


You Gotta See It For Yourself!

We Must Admit, Her Impression Is Hardly Terrifying…

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Hey, it’s hard out here for little babes. They are just doing their best to navigate the unknown and with so much to learn, it’s got to get confusing sometimes. Either way, this babe’s reaction is priceless and a must see for the newsfeed!

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