This Little Gal Is Bringing Snacks And Smiles To Police And It’s Just The Sweetest Thing!

The tensions between police officers and communities have been high. Some individuals have decided to show their support for the men and women in blue, while others have lashed out. Even if your against the police, this story is going to hit you right in the feels.

A video has recently gone viral on Facebook of a little African-American girl giving fist-bumps to officers outside of the Republican National Convention. The most touching part of the video for people is the fact that the mother and the child look past skin color. The mother told ABC News that her daughter “wanted to say thank you to the officers for keeping everyone safe.” How amazing!

Believe it or not, people all across the country have been performing acts of kindness towards their local police. Back on July 14, four police officers in Houston, Texas found out that a complete stranger paid for their dinner. In Ames, Iowa, people have been bringing homemade baked goods as a “thank you” to law enforcement.

Say It With Sweets!


In Oaklyn, New Jersey, the officers were treated to pizzas.

That’s Amore!


Brothers and sisters united in blue stand together. After the tragic events that occurred in Baton Rouge, cops from around the country attended the ceremony to pay their respects, which included members of the Dallas Police Department honor guard. This is the same type of support that they received after five officers died in the line of duty.

Let’s just hope that the video of this little girl will inspire millions of others. Instead of only focusing on hate, she just wants to spread some love!

Too Cute For Words

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