This Mansion Once Belonged To Mike Tyson – Now Abandoned, It Belongs To The Ages

When he was on top of the boxing world, no one lived larger than Mike Tyson. Now we have proof of his lavish lifestyle in his abandoned Ohio mansion. Back in the day, no fighter was more feared than Mike Tyson. From his dominance in the ring to his demeanor outside it, he was a ferocious force to be reckoned with. Then his entire world came crumbling out from under him when he was convicted of rape in 1992.

Once out of prison, Tyson had to rearrange his priorities – and that meant selling off his mansion in Ohio for pennies on the dollar. Luckily one photographer got a chance to wander the empty rooms and the pictures he took show elegance in decay, a once mighty man now reduced to a real property metaphor of what he once was.

From the indoor pool filled with brackish and slimy water to lavish rooms decked on is tons and tons of stonework, it was clear that Tyson liked his luxuries and didn’t mind paying for them. One image in particular says a lot about who the man was. On a fireplace hearth, covered in dust, are a collection of TV and electronic equipment remotes, like artifacts from another time. Perhaps the most impressive? The bathroom featuring a mirror above the Jacuzzi. Or maybe, the wall of dimmers. Check it out:

The Champ Is All Smiles Now


But This Ohio Mansion Has Seen Better Days


The Main Entranceway


Tyson Clearly Loved Stone Work


Check Out The Size Of That TV…And That Carpet


And How About The Ornate Work In This Bathroom


This Looks Like Part Of A Gym…Or Perhaps, A Ballroom


And Of Course There’s An Indoor Pool


So Many Dimmer Switches


And So Many Remotes


The View From Upstairs


And One Last Look At The Kitchen


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And Here’s The Former Champ Being Inducted Into A Different Kind Of Museum

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