Flashback Yearbook: Take A Look At All Of Our Favorite Celebs In High School!

Depending on how your view of your formidable years, looking through high school yearbooks can either be a lot of fun or incredibly cringe-worthy.

If you were popular, good-looking, and talented at something, chances are taking a trip down memory lane lands on the fun side of the fence.


If you were kind of an outcast, hadn’t bloomed yet, and failed miserably at everything you tried your hand at, it’s a good possibility that when that notification comes through that a friend from high school tagged you in a post that begins with #TBT that you immediately start to panic.


The same can be said for celebrities.

Not all of them looked like Beyoncé or Rihanna in high school.


In fact, some of them looked nothing like the gorgeous superstars we think of today when their name gets mentioned.

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