Tim Tebow Ignores Chants – Heads Straight For Fan With Down Syndrome

He is one of the greatest college football players of all time. He has two National Championships under his belt (with the Florida Gators in 2006 and 2008), and inspired everyone with his faith-based charity and good humor. Even as he was, essentially, backballed by the NFL and never really given a chance to show his skills (he did win a playoff game, remember?), he’s let his good works speak for themselves.

A New Sport, The Same Love Of His Fans


One of his most noted is called Night to Shine, and it is basically an annual prom for students with special needs. Recognizing that many kids miss out on the high school rite of passage because of misplaced prejudice and intolerance, he strives to give anyone who wants it a night they will never forget. It’s an amazing event, and one that many around the world look forward to.

Tim Tebow Loves To Go One-On-One With The Crowd


And still Tebow tries to make an impact in sports. Right now, he is playing baseball for the New York Mets minor league team. While not exactly setting the stats on fire, he’s been a boon for the box office. Fans flock to see their hero, hoping for a moment with him or a signature for their souvenirs. Notoriously generous with the public, on this one occasion, his heart touched even those unfamiliar with his motives.

He Also Spends His Time Working For Those With Special Needs


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