Try Not To Laugh: Toddler Performs Funny Dance Moves

You know what they say about rhythm: either you’re born with it or you’re not! And once you see this talented little toddler shake her groove thang in the kitchen, you’ll be convinced that she was born with the gift of rhythm.

Described as a very spirited kid when it comes to music, little Savannah loves to twirl around, shake and shimmy all day long at every opportunity she gets. Whether it’s country music, rock ‘n roll or pop, this tiny dancer is ready to dance. And when some inspirational music comes on that strikes her fancy, no matter where she is, she stops everything to squeeze in a little dance.

She loves dancing so much that she’s even stopped everything to dance in the shopping cart when the music played on the overhead speakers at Walmart.

When you see the clip below of her adorable dance moves to the Iggy Azalea song, “Fancy,” we’re pretty sure it will make your day. From the way she claps her hands together to the sassy little sway in her hips, Savannah’s dancing is the cutest thing ever!

Sweet Savannah Has All The Right Moves


Whether She’s Waving Her Arms…


…Or Shaking Her Little Booty


This Little One Seems To Have Been Born With Rhythm


You Go, Girl!



See Adorable Savannah In Action Here:

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