Changing The Game: These Are The Top 10 Highest Paid Youtube Personalities

Move over, Hollywood, there’s a new brand of entertainment star raking in the big bucks and they aren’t found on the silver screen.

They aren’t found on TV, either.

Bringing in a combined $70.5 million last year was YouTubers.

Get this – that isn’t even all of them, just the top 10!

Some of them are actually pretty talented in one way or another, while others are just famous for the sake of it. Sound familiar?


These people are living the dream, getting paid to just log in and vlog about…whatever they vlog about.

To be honest, these people are doing a lot more than just logging in, they’ve mastered how to market their brand to appeal to the masses.


Here’s a list of the highest-paid YouTube stars from last year – it will definitely be interesting to see who makes the cut in 2017.

10: Colleen Ballinger


Income: $5 Million

Check her channel out at Miranda Sings, where she has 8.3 million followers to date. This quirky Youtube star is not only beautiful and talented but she is a brilliant comedian. Her parody style character just can’t seem to get it right, which makes her endearing to millions all over the world.