Inspirational Burn Survivor Turia Pitt And Fiance Announce Pregnancy News

There’s no doubt that Turia Pitt is a survivor. After the former model and 2007 Miss Earth Australia contestant became trapped during an Australian marathon and suffered horrifying burns from a raging wildfire, she nearly lost her life. But now she and fiance Michael Hoskin are finally feeling happy again after the happy couple announced the news they were expecting a baby.

Turia Pitt And Longtime Love Michael Hoskin

Finding happiness at last after having lived through a life or death experience has given the loving couple hope again. Recovery from having two-thirds of her body being burned has been a long and painful road. At times, she wanted to give up. But it was her loving family and supportive long-term boyfriend Michael Hoskin who gave her strength when she felt defeated.

The Terrifying Bushfire That Nearly Ended Her Life

Turia told the Daily Mail: “I think we all have that inner strength inside of us, but we just never get tested, so we never get the chance to discover how incredible we all are.”

Turia And Michael Before Tragedy Struck

Michael’s dedication to Turia has changed the dynamic of their relationship, something she credits the couple for having a deeper connection. She feels fortunate that she has a partner who loves her for who she is.

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