Once You Know What These Things Are Made Of You’ll NEVER Buy Them Again

Remember the old saying, “you are what you eat?” Well, in a very general sense, that’s true. A healthy diet should result in a healthy you. A daily dinner of pizza, potato chips, and soda…ummm…not so much. Going beyond the basics, there are hundreds of chemicals, additives, preservatives, and other ingredients which turn the typical meal into a mess of possible problems.

Say Hello To A Hot Dog



Oh sure, there’s the whole “organic” and “real” foods movement, but even then, you are taking your chances with what a chain merchant has to offer. About the only way you can get 100% untainted comestibles is to raise your own animals, grow your own crops, and then monitor every step of the process between the field and the plate.

Or Better Yet, A Hamburger



SO imagine what does on in those massive corporate food factories where…well, let’s not get nasty. Instead, as the FDA struggles to stay alive, more and more regulations are bent and stretched so that the bottom line equals more profits. In fact, there are so many tricks to the food trade that it’s impossible to keep track of. There’s a video included here that showcases a few examples of what we are talking about. You need to check it out.

And Don’t Forget The Jell-O For Dessert


Yes, Some Food Is Made In Very Nasty Ways – Continue On To See What We Mean