This Was No Ordinary Photo Shoot – In Fact, This Wife Had Something Special To Tell Her Hubby

It’s the most special time in a couples’ life, that moment when they learn that two are about to become three (or four, or five, or more…). Indeed, having a baby is the best. It’s the symbol of your continuing commitment to life, the world, your community, and your family in particular. So when parents-to-be learn that they are about to spend a fortune turning their guest room into a nursery, they can be excused for being a bit…overexcited. In fact, they tend to get away with things we normally wouldn’t allow them to, all in the name of baby.

Take birth announcements. It used to be, you put the information in the paper, and let the daily news do the dirty work. Now, with circulations dwindling and traditions being trumped by technology, Almost-Moms and Dads are doing more and more extravagant proclamations. Take the situation set up by Brianna Dow. In cahoots with photographer Samantha Boos (who she used for her wedding), she convinced her husband Brandon that they had won a free shoot. Little did he know that Brianna had some news that would change everything. Follow the photos to see his reaction.

Brianna And Brandon Getting Set Up


The Assignment – Write Three Words Describing Your Partner


The Missus Had Three More Words To Add To Hers


Let’s Reveal The Answers


Realizing What Is Happening…


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