This Cambridge University Scientist Is On The Brink Of ‘Curing’ Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Su Metcalfe. It’s not a name known now. As a matter of fact, unless you were on the campus of Cambridge University in the UK, you probably have no idea who she is or what she does. But just like Jonas Salk, who discovered a cure for polio, or Alexander Fleming, who found the antibiotic properties of mold (aka, penicillin), Metcalfe may go down in history for her own medical breakthrough.

Say Hello To Dr. Su Metcalfe


For more than two million people worldwide, multiple sclerosis is a daily struggle. The auto-immune disease, which produces an array of physical side effects like blindness, muscle weakness, and other maladies. Most patients have a mild form of MS, while a few rush right into the more severe form of the disease. In general, the condition disrupts the transmission of information between the brain and the nerves. There is no cure, only various ways to treat the various symptoms and issues…until now.

She Works At Cambridge University


Indeed, Dr. Mecalfe has come up with a way to treat MS that involved stem cells (of course) and the results are very promising. Looking for ways to prevent further damage – including that to the brain – and investigating how our body prevents itself from using its immune system to attack itself, she came u with a radical strategy. Using a specific stem cell protocol, she has found success in halting the destructive nature of MS.

And She’s On The Verge Of A Major Medical Breakthrough


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