He Wanted A Job, But Needed His Service Dog By His Side – Then Lowe’s Did This

They are some of the bravest people you will ever meet. Their dedication to serving their country is commendable, but the fact that they do it without any real understanding or empathy from the general masses makes their sacrifice all the more important. Sure, we are say we “support” the troops, but that’s really just lip service. Where are we when our Vets really need us, besides basking in the freedoms they have provided.

Clay Luthy Is A Lowe’s Employee



And So Is His Service Dog Charlotte



This question comes up often, especially in light of how those who are injured or disabled are treated. We claim solidarity – until it costs us extra to see our service men and women treated correctly. We turn a blind eye to those who fought for our nation as they sleep on sidewalks and struggle to put food on the table. Even when they are employable, it takes companies that are willing to overlook the obvious to get to the truth beneath.

You Can Find Them During Work Hours



When Clay Luthy was turned down for another deployment, mostly because of devastating injuries to his knees, he needed to find work. The only problem? He needs a service dog to help him through the day and few businesses out there are looking to hire a human and his canine companion, no matter how mentally or physically necessary. Then something happened which turned this situation from a problem to a prize.

Clay Is Even Training A Replacement For His Aging Companion



Though Nothing Can Replace Charlotte In His Heart



What Happened Continue On To Find Out