It Was Just A Random Act Of Kindness, But This Waiter Got Much More In Return Because Of It

It’s one of the most thankless jobs you can have, a service-oriented affront that sees customers complain about the littlest thing. Naturally, since you are the liaison between the kitchen and the plate, you get to take the brunt of the grievance while the rest of the staff survive the tableside onslaught. When you think about the expectations of the diner, and the results from the chef, the debate is really between those two, not the poor soul who brought the dish.

Near 20% – That’s Normal



Still, waiters and waitresses are the easy target, their friendly smile plastered on their face like flair on their corporate-mandated uniform. Even worse, patrons can show their displeasure via the one thing a server can’t control – the tip. It’s supposed to symbolize the level of satisfaction. Most times, it’s wielded like a weapon. Words won’t dispossess them. A lack of cash can.

Okay – That’s Impressive



Now That’s A Big Tip!!!



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