When ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Selects Odd Letter Choices, Viewers Go Wild With Confusion

Wheel of Fortune is one of those classic television game shows that anyone watching can participate in and enjoy. Whether it’s a family gathering around the television after dinnertime or a group of college roommates taking a break from studying, the back and forth guessing game is a brain teasing crowd pleaser.

So when Wheel of Fortune hosted its first Veteran’s Week back in November 2015, fans of the long running game show were perplexed by contestant Nura Fountano’s odd letter choices. The veteran had earned top dollar and was in the lead, but by the time they entered the last round, her odd behavior made everyone watching at home scratch their heads in bewilderment.

Rather than go with the common letter choices such as E, T, A, N and D, Nura called out more odd choices such as Z and X. After losing the final round to fellow participant Steve, Nura was asked why she chose such obvious letters that put her in last place.

Her answer was one of the most selfless responses imaginable.

Veteran Nura Fountano Was In The Lead On Wheel Of Fortune When Something Odd Happened


In The Last Round When She Was Asked For A Letter, Nura Selected Z And X Instead Of More Popular Letters


Even Viewers At Home Were Perplexed About Why She Would Purposely Lose



The Twitterverse Was Thoroughly Confused

Why On Earth Did Nura Choose Those Odd Letters?

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