When This Mailman Opens An Abandoned Cooler He Nearly Collapses In Joy

Summer is in full swing, and the east coast of the USA couldn’t miss it if they tried. The Virginia sun has been particularly scorching this past month, with heat advisories being issued across the states of the eastern seaboard. As temperatures crept into the triple digits, most folks made it a point to shut themselves inside from sunup to sundown. Unfortunately for some, staying inside was not an option.

Helping In Heat Waves – That’s What Friends Are For

In the city of Newport News, 8-year-old Carmine McDaniel was one of those who waited for the sun to sink down before venturing outside to enjoy the day. The boy is in summer vacation mode after all, but the recent heat wave had his mind solely focussed on a friend forced to work in the blistering rays. Carmine has had a close relationship with his community’s mailman for a while, and the thought of his friend passing out from the heat was simply too much to bear.

heat wave helper

“I just thought because it was really hot outside and I didn’t want him to maybe pass out or anything, because they are really important so people can pay their bills and stuff like that and I didn’t want him to pass out pretty much.”

To cool his friend off while he finished his daily duties, Carmine took it upon himself to arrange for a gift to be left out on his front porch. Sheltered within a cooler, chocked full of ice and water, were bottles of water and gatorade; all for mailman Henry Bailey.

“It makes it worthwhile. Even though you go through the hot days, and you go through your cold months, I’d rather deal with the hot days than the cold months.”

As the heat wave continued, the good Samaritan made sure to keep refilling his mailman’s cooler with fresh waters, gatorades, and lots of ice. Bailey says it’s nothing he wouldn’t expect from his little buddy Carmine.