Some Sick Kids Needed Some Fun In Their Life So This Man Created A Real Life ‘Where’s Waldo?’ For Them

For any child, a trip to the hospital is terrifying. Aside from all the medical poking and prodding, the unusual circumstances and the strange setting, just the idea of not being in control, in being holed up in a foreign place with little or no frame of reference can be more than disconcerting. It can be detrimental to the course of treatment, especially when the mental aspect of the remedy is as important as the medical. Sure, toys and games help, but almost all are isolated to the ward in which the patient is housed. Luckily, for some in South Bend, Indiana, a real life diversion is right outside their window.

Thanks to the efforts of a construction worker named Jason Haney (and his daughter), the boys and girls staying at Memorial Children’s Hospital can play “Where’s Waldo?” on a grand scale. How? Well, as the gallery below indicates, the tradesman has made a giant sized version of the literary hero, and each day, he places it somewhere on the site where he is working. This allows the kids from across the way to take their mind off their misery for a bit, and dig into to a good old fashioned game of hide and seek – with the striped shirt master at the center. It’s a brilliant idea, and Jason deserves kudos for coming up with it. You’ll feel the same after seeing the pictures.

This Is Jason Hanney


With The Help Of His Daughter, He Made This King-Sized Version Of The Famous Figure


Everyday, He Hides It Somewhere Near the Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana


There He Is


Waldo Says HI!


So, Where Is He Now?


How About Now?


And Now?


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And Here’s A Real Life Version Of “Where’s Waldo?”

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