These Adorable Kids Give The Greatest Reasons Why Moms Mean The Most!

There is one thing certain when it comes to children – it’s that they rarely spare a detail when it comes to keeping it real. Children are not born with filters. They feel no need to hold back what goes through their minds and telling fibs isn’t usually what they do….unless of course, they are up to something sneaky!

In honor of the many underappreciated, selfless and hardworking mothers that don’t hear it often enough, the #MomsMatter movement (created by Chatbooks) is highlighting a few of their best qualities.

The creators of the digital photo book creation app sat down with 150 kids to ask them why they appreciated their mothers the most. The answers ranged from silly to heartwarming to absolutely adorable. A few older children responded with some touching words that would make any mother proud and of course the young kids had a few laugh-inducing points to make about the woman they call “Mom.”

The Truth Is…

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Kids Give The Best Reasons Why Moms Are The Best


They Didn’t Hesitate To Show Love!


From Playtime Pretending…


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