For These Crying Kids, Their Parents Clever Captions Explain It All

Just about everyone gets a chuckle out of videos that show kids saying some of the funniest things imaginable. In some cases, they use a word incorrectly – completely unaware of its true meaning. In other cases, the little fella accidentally drops an inappropriate four-letter word in the most appropriate situation. Sometimes it’s the sweet little girl’s no-holds-barred truth telling that garners a chuckle from mom or dad.

If you’re a parent – or even if you’re a child’s caretaker – you are very aware that with all of the sugar and spice and snips and snails that girls and boys are made of, there’s also a silly side that also can make you laugh – and we don’t mean making silly faces!

Every once in a while, your little one (or a child you know) will go from zero to 60 on the emotional scale over the most perplexing things.

Check out some of the most baffling reasons kids completely break down into a waterfall of tears:

Ok, But How Dirty Are We Talking, Mom?


That’s not right!

To Be Fair, He Looks Like He’s Up To Something!


He’s got guilt written all over his face.

Who Says Pennies Are Obsolete?


Who needs a metal detector?

At Least You Know She Has Good Male Role Models!


She knows Mr. Right when she sees him.

Future Vegan


Get the drawn butter!

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