Wise Mother Teaches Her Daughter A Valuable Life Lesson Using Just A Tube Of Toothpaste And A Plate…

Middle school is one of the most trying times any teen will go through. It’s an awkward stage for everyone between puberty, trying to fit in and learning about yourself and the world around you, let alone dealing with bullying and hate.

It’s an unfortunate truth that kids can be really mean. Teens in middle school can tend to be a little angsty at times and may not always know how to handle their new found hormones and freedom. As a result of the overwhelming changes that preteens are going through, sometimes they cant quite navigate the world logically or positively and they put their negative energy onto other people. They don’t always understand that they are, in fact the source of their own discord.

Listen Up!


Think Before You Speak And Read Before You Think

This mother knew all too well that these three odd years can be quite the struggle and wanted to teach her daughter a very important lesson before she had to get hurt, learning it on her own. She wanted to teach her that their was always an equal and opposite reaction to every action. She wanted to make sure that her growing daughter knew that her words could and would be used against her, rather directly or indirectly.

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