Woman Uses Bullying As Motivation To Inspire Others And Bring Awareness To Rare Skin Condition

Mui Thomas has defied the odds her entire life and is now inspiring others to not let anything stand in their way.

Mui was born in Hong Kong with a very rare skin condition. As soon as her birth mother took one look at her in the hospital nursery, she gave Mui up right then and there.


Mui was sent to live in an orphanage, where she lived until she was a year and a half.

Rog and Tina Thomas were Americans living in Hong Kong and wanted eventually to have children. By accident, they met Mui and instantly fell in love with the baby girl with the red face.

They adopted her and never made Mui feel as though she was any different from any other child.


“Different” meant that Mui was diagnosed with Harlequin ichthyosis in 2002. It’s an extremely rare genetic skin disease that causes the skin to grow approximately 14 times faster than normal. The condition is quite painful and very few people are diagnosed with it let alone survive into adulthood.

Sufferers of Harlequin ichthyosis have thick, dry, and flaky skin that can’t sweat.

“I really don’t think I knew that I didn’t look like everybody else,” Mui said


That all changed when Mui entered middle school and was bullied for how she looked.

It got worse at night when she was home and online. The cyberbullying was almost as unbearable as her disease.

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