After A Single Mouthful Of Food, This Former TV Producer Was Left Paralyzed

We are a cynical society. We love to scoff at things we don’t understand and tend to dismiss them without fully realizing the consequences of said actions. When someone says they have “anxiety” and enter an establishment with a service animal, we wonder why we can’t bring our “pets” into those places as well. We don’t get the need for such a companion, nor do we recognize how lost and afraid the person would be without them.

This Was Amy May Shead Before


Or take the whole uproar over allergies. We all had them as kids, and usually grow out of them. But for many, the reaction to something like strawberries or seafood or nuts can be a true matter of life or death. That’s why people who suffer take such intense precautions. One false move, one unfortunate mouthful, and no amount of EpiPens or medications can bring you back from the brink.

She Has A Severe Nut Allergy


Just ask Amy May Shead – or better yet, ask her family. The former TV producer can no longer speak for herself. While on holiday in Budapest, she stepped into a restaurant for a late dinner. She ended up leaving in an ambulance. Over and over again, she requested a guarantee that the simple chicken dish she ordered would not be prepared with nuts. Not nuts in the vicinity. No nuts in the kitchen. She was given assurances that all would be ok…and then she took a bite.

On Holiday, Tragedy Struck


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