Woman Sees Lonely Old Man On Street Corner Every Day, Learns Heartbreaking Secret

It’s one of the great truths of life. Everybody has a story. And everybody’s story is different. Sure we can find a universality in experience and circumstance, but, in reality, we all approach life differently and we all live life on our own terms. Thus we all have a tale we can tell if someone would just sit down for a moment and listen to it.

She Saw Him On The Same Corner Every Day


Lisa Fandrich learned this recently when she decided to stop looking and start interacting. Every day, while make her way to and from work as a fitness trainer, the young woman would pass by an old man sitting on the street corner. He carried a bag with him, and in it were coins that he would sell to passersby. For weeks, Lisa would drive by and find herself teary-eyed over the inference of what was happening. Then one day, she decided to find out for herself what was going on and the answer broke her heart.

So Lisa Decided To Befriend Him


She approach the man with $10 in her hand and open ears. She found out his name was Paul Lomax and that he took up residence on this particular spot to help save his home. He and his wife have been together nearly six decades and were living hand-to-mouth on the meager amount of Social Security they received every month. He was selling the coins to make extra cash so they wouldn’t lose their home.

And What She Did Next Made Both Of Their Lives Better


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