Woman Born Without Arms And Legs Refuses To Give In To Depression And Fights Back!

Zuly was born with a rare genetic condition called Tetra-amelia syndrome, which left her without arms or legs.

As you can imagine, her childhood was incredibly difficult with many hurdles to overcome.

One of those hurdles was rape.

The abuse left her so broken, she wanted to end her life, but with the help of her mom, she fought back and has kept on fighting ever since.


Zuly’s father committed suicide when she was just two and was raised by her mother who refused to ever let her beautiful girl give up.

Now, Zuly is a motivational speaker whose mission is to instill living without limits in the people she comes in contact with.


She shared her story of strength and survival:

“I started to realize I was different to other children aged six. Suddenly I noticed they could run and I couldn’t.”

“I asked Mum why I was different. She told me I was no more different than anybody else and my disability didn’t have to hold me back.”

“Children called me alien and hit me, sometimes they’d take my snacks. It was horrible.”

“I’d go to sleep at night wishing I could just wake up and be like everyone else.”

“I felt ostracized at school and didn’t have any friends. I thought there was no hope for me. Mum tried to keep my spirits up but I felt so low.”

“I climbed up to the fourth floor of our building and was going to jump. Thankfully, mum came and found me just before I did.”

“She was so upset things had got so bad. She hugged me and told me everything would be alright.”

“She told me I would go on to shine and show other people you can live a normal, happy life with a disability”

Zuly went on to art school and is a brilliant painter. She does regular, everyday tasks able-bodied people do, but somethings she does much better even.

Watch Zuly Perform Tasks You And I Take For Granted:

Zuly inspires all of us to not let anything get in our way.

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