He’s Nearly Seven Feet Tall, And He’s Only Eight-Years-Old

Height. Perfect for playing a sport like basketball. At six foot, six inches, Karan Singh could have a career in the NBA. Heck, he’s only two inches shorter than LeBron James. But there’s a problem. Karan can;t lace up the Nikes and hit the paint. Why? Because hes only EIGHT YEARS OLD. Let that sink in for a moment. He’s a growing BOY. And he’s already a half foot away from SEVEN FEET TALL.

For his entire life, Karan has been in the public eye. When he was two, he was the world’s biggest toddler. At six, the same. Now, at eight, he’s making news once again. Already featured in the famous Guinness Book Of World Records, his unusual size comes from a rather typical source – his family. Indeed, he’s clearly inherited his Mom’s DNA. She’s India’s tallest woman, at seven foot, two.

Dad is no pipsqueak either. He measures in at the same size of his son. Remember, Karan isn’t even a teen yet. He still has puberty – and probably, another couple of growth spurts – to endure before he finally stops growing. Right now, he towers over his classmates. Indeed, when you look at the pictures of the children together, it’s hard to imagine they’re ALL THE SAME AGE. Check out the gallery below. This is one very special young man.

This Is Karan Singh

And YES, he is the same age as the other two boys.

Here He Is Hanging Out With His Classmates

He could be in the NBA RIGHT NOW!

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