You’ll Get Some Side-Splitting Salvation From These Hilarious Church Signs

It’s probably the last place you’d expect to laugh. Indeed, on the scale of organizations with a good sense of humor, it probably ranks below prison and/or the DMV. But as time has passed and people have become less engaged with their local house of worship, said places of prayer have tried unique and unusual ways of attracting parishioners. There’s drive-in and drive-thru services, mass with modern music, and a wealth of tech updates, all heck-bent on bringing you back to God – or, at the very least, his House. But they don’t seem to be doing much good. The faithful always make a beeline to their favorite Sunday hangout. But those lacking in faith…

One of the more old fashioned ways churches and cathedrals use to lure in the leery is the funny “business” sign. Taking a page out of the fast-food industry’s ground-based PR position, the more clever and comical the saying, the more people might be willing to see the salvation (or sandwiches) you offer inside. With an entire Bible to base your humor on, and a fine line between inviting and insulting the newbie, these funny bits of Christian fellowship have been a roadside attraction for years. We’ve gathered a bunch of the best examples and put them in a gallery. Make sure you click through them all. You wouldn’t want to miss the jokes Jesus has in store for you – and your soul.

It’s True You Know

And his mom was a virgin.

Don’t Just Click Through

Even in the Garden of Eden.

You See This A Lot In The Summertime

Especially in Florida.

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